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Day tours for the general public

The week of Sukkot, 2019


As part of an approach that sees the importance of making geology science accessible to the public in Israel, the President of the Geological Society for 2018-19, Zohar Gvirtzman (Geological Institute and the Hebrew University), initiated a day of tours for amateurs and the general public. The tours will take place for the second year, in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Nature, on the holiday of Sukkot, 17 Tishrei, 5764, 16.10.2019. Seven tours around the country are planned under the guidance of geologists from the Israeli Geological Society: the Lower Galilee, Caesarea, Sorek Cave, Ramon Crater and the Eilat Mountains. The tours to the Dead Sea and the Great Crater were postponed at this stage due to unresponsiveness


Participation in the tours is conditional on pre-registration and a nominal fee through the website of the Society for the Protection of Nature. Please note that the meeting point for each tour will be provided when registering on the site.

To register and more details on the website of the Society for the Protection of Nature, click here



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