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The geological group

The descent of geological research in Israel

The geological group for generations is made up of us. A handful of types who loved the land, the land, the sea, the spaces, the imagination and curiosity paved their scientific path and shaped the Israeli geological narrative. The documentation project combines the personal stories that build us as a geological group.



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Geological societies in the world


• American Geological Society:

London Geological Society:

• The Australian Geological Society:

• Canadian Geological Society:

Research institutes


• The Geological Survey:

• The Geophysical Institute:

• Institute for Marine and Lake Research::

• Desert and Dead Sea R&D:

• American Geological Survey:



• Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University:

• Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Ben Gurion University:

• School of Environmental and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University:

• School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa:

• The Inter-University Institute of Marine Sciences in Eilat:

• Department of Geography and Environment at Bar Ilan University:

• "Studies in Israel": Studies in Earth Sciences, Geology and Geophysics


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• Quarry Rehabilitation Fund:

• Seismology website:

• Real-time earthquakes:

• Israel Fossil Definer:

• The Israeli Water Resources Association:

• The website of the graduates of the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University:

• The Hebrew University: The Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences


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