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The Israel Geological Society was founded in 1954, in order to unite those involved in the various fields of earth sciences in Israel. The members of the IGS include members of academic institutions, research institutes, as well as organizations, institutions and business companies with an affinity for Earth Sciences. On the site you can find information about the geological society and its activities, links to sites with geological information as well as the tour guides of the geological society. Membership in the Geological Society is open to anyone interested in the fields of geology, earth and environmental sciences and related fields. The Geological Society is voluntarily managed by an elected committee each year, and its activities are funded through the annual membership fees of the members of the Society as well as through the support of institutions and societies whose activities relate to Earth Sciences.

Activities of the Geological Society

The Annual Conference


Held every year (in Hebrewand provides a stage for presentation and discussion in the fields of earth sciences through lectures, posters and tours.

Earth Science Day


Produced for the benefit of the public, presenting to the general public, with an emphasis on scientists in the education system, updates and innovations in research in the fields of earth sciences that arouse public interest.



The Geological Society awards a number of prizes for outstanding work in Earth Sciences and commendations for professional activity and contribution to society.


Regulations 1981

Regulations 2011

Regulations 2016

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