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Tour 1

Subduction and tectonics in the northern Dead Sea basin: field observations, seismological measurements and seismic interpretation

Tom Gabrieli (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Itai Kurzon (Geological Institute),  Adam Klinger (Geological Institute), Yosef Hatzur (Ben-Gurion University), Amir Sagi (Geological Institute)

general description

The northern Dead Sea basin is an active tectonic zone where the last significant earthquake in Israel occurred. The tour focuses on large and different copying systems operating in the region at the same time and the development of the northern basin.

On the tour, we will pass through the outcrops of replica areas and replicas of different scales on the margins of the Dead Sea basin and discuss the age of the replicas and the tectonic development and geometry of the basin and its western margins. In addition, we will tour a number of seismic stations that monitor the seismic activity on the replicas, either by "Terua" network stations in a wide spread along the replica systems, or by research stations in a dense layout along the Jericho replica, "listening" for smaller tremors. Later in the tour we will visit In the outcrop of the main horizontal movement replica in the north of the basin, the Jericho replica, we will discuss the structure of the horizontal movement replica near the surface and in the subsoil.


  1. Expecting degrees

  2. A complete expectation

  3. stone

  4. Outcrops on Route 90 in the Pesha area.

  5. Stations along the system road between Lido Junction and Allenby.

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