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Tour 3

Recent studies on hydrological systems adjacent to a receding lake

Yehuda Levy, Avi Borg and Yossi Yehiali (Geological Institute), Nurit Weber (Weizmann Institute), Udi Galili (Hydrological Service) and Eldad Hazan (RTG)

general description

This tour will present the results of studies conducted in recent years on the hydrological systems near the Dead Sea. The studies dealt with the effect of lake level changes, on different time scales, on the hydrological systems. The studies focused on the main groundwater sources near the Dead Sea: Ein Kedem, Einat Kana Samar and Einat Tzokim (Ein Pesha). In addition to the springs, the study of the sinkholes along the shores of the lake is also directly related to the underground groundwater system that is affected by the drop in the level.


  1. Ein Kedem

  2. A station next to Bulanim

  3. Einat Kana Samar

  4. Cliff eyes

Degree of difficulty: easy-medium (about an hour and a half walk).

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