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Tour 4

Caves, sinkholes and canyons: landscape development on the edge of the Dead Sea as a response to piping erosion

Liran Goren (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), Amos Fromkin (Hebrew University), Tzafir Levy (Geological Institute), Boaz Langford (Hebrew University and Geological Institute), Matanya Hamavi (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

general description

Studies from recent years indicate that piping caves are common in the Lisan formation on the edge of the Dead Sea basin, and that piping erosion has significant control over the landscape design in these areas. On the tour we will visit Sodom square, Mishor Amiaz, and Havari Masada. In these areas we will get to know deep sinkholes, narrow canyons and dark caves. We will examine how these geomorphic structures indicate connections between geological structures such as cracks and replicas, and erosion in the subsoil and landscape design, and we will also discuss the consequences of these connections on the development of the landscape over geomorphic times and geological risks. The tour includes a number of short walking routes (up to 2 km) and some of them are steep.



  1. Adequate square

  2. Mishor Amiaz: the ascent trail to Mitzvoor Bayrem, east of Nahal Perzim and Nahal Perzim overnight parking lot.

  3. Masada


General note: Level of difficulty - medium to advanced

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