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Tour 5

Geology in fast motion for the Dead Sea coast - salt deposition, river subsidence, and the creation of coastal ridges and bays

Nadav Lenski (Geological Institute), Liran Ben Moshe (Geological Institute), Ado Sirota (Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam), Hagi Eyal (Hebrew University), Yehuda Anzel (Hebrew University), Ran Nof (Geological Institute)

general description

Walking from Route 90 along the southern bank of Nahal Hever to the mouth of the river to the lake; From there, walk north to the shore of the lake until close to the mouth of Nahal Ergot, from there back to road 90 to the branch of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. The length of the route - more than 7 km (from walking distance).

Limited to 40 participants.


During the tour we will experience geology together at high speed - "the present as a key to the past". We will present fundamental observations on the following topics:

  1. The reaction of the streams to the decrease of the drift base and implications for the planning and maintenance of the infrastructures.

  2. From evaporation to evaporites: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of sections of the salt that sank in the last four decades, including the relationship to the environmental forces.

  3. The dynamic shorelines of the Dead Sea: transport and sorting of pebbles, beach steps, and bay development.

  4. The warning system against sinkholes - what you see from there you don't see from here.

  5. The accessibility of the shores of the Dead Sea - how to turn the nuisance of the region's instability into a resource.



  1. Highway 90 south of Hami Ein Gedi to the Dead Sea coast

  2. Along the coast of the Dead Sea to the Ein Gedi junction


Note: For the well-wishers

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