Geological mapping rally in the Negev

The "Geological Mapping Rally" competition was held for the second year in a row. The competition is initiated by the Israel Geological Society and the Geological Survey of Israel and led by Yoav Avni and Gidi Bar. Its purpose is to bring together teams of students and geologists from research institutions in the country and from private companies engaged in earth sciences and the environment for experiential competition in the field of field geology. The rally takes place in the form of field missions, which aim to increase awareness and the importance of learning the basic skill of geological mapping as a central and important part of any geologist's training path, through experiential competition between mapping teams.


Each institution or group that participated in the competition put a team of maps that put 3-4 people on their vehicle and equipment in a way that allows them to stay and field activity for 48 consecutive hours. The teams convened at a pre-arranged meeting point and set out together for two days of field missions with an emphasis on geological mapping and solving structural and geomorphological problems. The mapping tasks were given to the teams in the field, only a short time before the actual execution. The competition between the teams was based on the quality of the work according to the time allotted to each and every task.